Friday, January 17, 2014

Word for 2014 by Kim Clement

    Here is the beginning of a long and very hope-filled word given by Kim Clement on New Year's Eve.  I've posted the link if you want to continue reading.

From The Den  (Kim Clement)
December 31, 2013 - New Years Eve at the Den

The Spirit says draw a little closer; gather around in one accord for this is what draws Me closer to humanity.  I look for unity; I crave unity for it is there that I command My blessing.  This nation has been torn to pieces, divided in discord even in My house.  But I look for the sound of unity for it is as the oil that ran down the beard of Aaron, down his robe.  This is where I will command My blessing for I have whispered in the ear of My prophets, can these bones live?  I spoke to Ezekiel and I said can these bones live? Yes, you know, Lord.  And My Spirit came and as He spoke it went to the north, and to the south, to the east and to the west.  My question to you is, can these bones live? Can My Spirit bring them back to life?  Those who have died, those who are spiritually dead, can these bones live? For I have excitement for you, says the Spirit.  Though you are surrounded by fear, doom and gloom, I have set apart certain truths for My people to prosper and I say to you, it has now begun.  They have spoken of the dinar.  They have spoken of the amazing discoveries – the Big E, synchroton.  I have spoken of these things that will be manifest but yet there has been a cover upon these things.  I say to you I will release them one at a time because this is the beginning of acceleration, says the Spirit of God. 
This is the beginning of motion, that what I’ve spoken over the last seven years has now been uncovered, says the Lord.  It shall move rapidly, but hear a mystery.  Hear a mystery, says the Lord.  A mystery is – look at the thing, which is able to morph – the caterpillar.  What is this that is being spoken?  There is gold and there is silver and there are those that are waiting upon – I can see it, I can see it.  There are wells.  There are eight wells that are going to be unstopped in the year 2014.  These wells shall bring a great provision to the people who are perceptive and who invested.  Hear some of the things that the prophet has spoken.  Was it not Jesus who said cast your net to the right side of the boat?  How hastily and speedily fish moved from one side to the other and gathered around that boat. Was it not Jesus who said cast your net into the deep? They had fished all night long and caught nothing.  Many of you are watching and saying we have fished, we have labored, we have been industrious, but we have caught nothing.  God says there will be a shift where there will be a gathering together of the things that will provide for My people and even this nation.  They have said we’ll lose credit - I will unveil things politically and I will catch them with their pants down and I will say enough, for humility has come.  I will then begin to upraise through the humble, says the Spirit of God.  I will say to those who are poor, you are now rich.  I will say to those who are sick, you are now healed.  This year, the discoveries shall flourish and flourish and flourish, says the Lord.  My people shall be prosperous, says the Lord. . . 

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