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Johnny Enlow: 2014: The Year of the Catapult

 This is a very long, but encouraging word for 2014 and beyond.

Johnny EnlowKey Words: Restoration, Renaissance, Reformation, Rebirth, Revival, Revelation, Religion
Key Numbers: 70; 444; 44; 67; 111
Key Colors and Mountains: Blue, Indigo, and Religion, Education
Key Scriptures: Psalm 44, Isaiah 44, Psalm 67, Psalm 111
Key Destroyers of Your Personal Catapult: Unforgiveness, Devouring Words, Insincerity
2014 Year of the CatapultCATAPULT:
(noun): "a device in which accumulated tension is suddenly released to hurl an object some distance, in particular."
(verb): "to move or spring up suddenly, quickly or forcibly, as if by means of a catapult"
2013 In Review
Before I further delve into the exciting year that is upon us, I want to look back into the year that just transpired. Every year that comes is still an extension of a previous year and provides the platform for what is to come. The age we are in began Rosh Hashanah of 2012, and is the Age of Restoration of all things. This comes from Acts 3:21, which explains to us that Jesus is in fact "held in the Heavens" until certain minimal, millennium- sounding, societal reformations take place.

From Rosh Hashanah 2012 forward, all yearly events fall under the heavenly objectives for this Age of Restoration. These objectives for the Age of Restoration entail seeing more of Heaven on earth. While Protestants and Catholics alike quote and memorize "The Lords Prayer" of Matthew 6, those that are actually attempting to contend for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven are considered by many to be "heretics." A great invitation is extended to us in this age to be "Heaven on earth heretics."
My initial word for 2013 spoke into an additional aspect of this new Age of Restoration: that it was all part of an era of "renaissance." Renaissance means "rebirth or revival of culture and learning." I was shown that this was about an explosion in the knowledge of God, where we would begin to know His actual ways and not just His salvation.  

One percent
My friend, Bob Hartley, had a dramatic encounter with an angel where he was told that we were presently at a 1% level of the knowledge of God of which is available on this side of eternity. Because we have so far to grow, I believe it will take at least two generations of catapulted knowledge of God just to get past the 50% level of availability. Remember, it all ends with the whole earth being filled with the knowledge of God. It will be much, much more astounding than any one of us can even imagine. This year we will begin to leap forward into a new awareness of Him, and it will be transformational.

Get ready for disruptive revelation, disruptive glory, and disruptive technology. Substitute the word "game-changing" for the word "disruptive" and it will give you an expanded idea of what is coming.
Rosh Hashanah 2013
In September of 2013, I was shown that great angels from the mountain of religion were being strategically sent to break up "mafias" and strongholds that were keeping seekers of God from being able to see Him. These angels were bringing instruction and assistance to enable us to transition to the new wineskin associated with this new Age of Restoration. The new wineskin is marked by an understanding that the knowledge of God's better ways must now infuse the structures of cities and nations.

The Kingdom of God comes to individuals, but it also comes to structures. Heaven is not just made up of "happy people," but represents "happy structures" as well. We have much to learn here on this aspect of Heaven that flows from an expanded perspective of who He is. This is the area of greatest future growth in the knowledge of God. His ways are always connected to who He is.
2014: Catapult
Great forward propulsionThis year will see the springing forward of so many into the release from their "accumulated tension." Catapulting involves the slingshot effect of a great pulling back followed by a dramatic release. Preparing for catapulting often involves what appears to be going nowhere, or even backwards for an excruciating length of time, with an end result of great forward propulsion. When in His hands, the further you have been pulled back, the greater His desire to catapult you. Often in the pull-back, God is also going after important "character matters" as He desires you to be able to remain and occupy the place He is catapulting you to.
Hebraic Calendar 5774: Ayin Dalet
As you know, the Hebrew calendar operates to a different pattern, both in years and in months. This new year began with Rosh Hashanah 2013 and goes until Rosh Hashanah 2014. In the Hebrew Metonic Cycle, this is a leap year, which definitely goes with the catapult theme.

The word ayin corresponds to the 70 in the number, and the word dalet corresponds to the 4. The word ayin also means "eyes" or "to see," and we are in the fourth year of a 10-year focus on learning to see things correctly. When we look at any person or situation based on first "gut" observation alone, we will in fact wrongly discern and thus wrongly respond. The giant in a land will always be more obvious than the amazing fruit also available. In these years we must learn "to see" – as the inheritance we actually experience will be limited to that.
Spiritual doors will open to you
"Seeing" is about learning what to look for. You will always find what you are looking for. If you value finding the negative, it will always be there and your agreement with it will always further empower it. Surveys show that Christians have the most negative perspectives of society and the immediate future. This is a major "seeing" defect that must be corrected.

Dalet is the number 4 in the Hebrew calendar. In modern Hebrew, the word for door is delet, and this is a key meaning of this word. Additionally, the writing of it is depicted like a tent opening or flap. As we put together the 70 and the 4 of this ayin dalet year, we see that a door is open so that we can be catapulted into the regions of inheritance we have been learning to see. We have been "in a tent," and that speaks both into the fact that it has indeed been "in tents/intense" and that our catapulting is meant to come from a foundation of intimacy with God.
"70" and Jerusalem's Historic Snowstorm
Jerusalem snowstormWe are just a few weeks removed from Jerusalem experiencing an amazing snow storm that left more than three feet of snow in some places, grinding Jerusalem to a halt and forcing emergency cancellations of religious ordinances. It was described as the most snow in Jerusalem "in 70 years." It was the same system that dropped more snow on Egypt than possibly they have ever had. While Jerusalem was overwhelmed and shut down, Egypt seemed to celebrate the historical snowfall. (Photo courtesy: / Steve K. Walz)

The Holy Spirit began to immediately speak to me regarding the connection of a 70-year time period being over and a new one beginning. Metaphorically, Egypt represents society and "the nations." We can understand that better as we connect to the story of Joseph: his advance out of the sheep shed and his ascent into maximum influence in Egypt. Jerusalem metaphorically speaks of "religion." The same outpouring of Heaven that shut down "Jerusalem" and its religious norms is the same one that caused wonder and celebration in "Egypt." This speaks into the aforementioned assignment that angels have: to shut down religious "mafias" that don't allow people to see the very God they are looking for.

Additionally, the number 70 has the connection to the ayinnumber in the Hebraic calendar, as well as Biblical references of importance for us to glean from. Abram was born when his father Terah was 70 years old. The man of faith who is a friend of God comes after a 70-year period, and I believe we will see many such spiritual giants begin to manifest. Jeremiah 29:10speaks of a 70-year period being over, where the Lord can now fulfill His "good word toward you." That, followed by the famousverse 11"'For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,' says the Lord, 'thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.'"

The end of a 70-year period is always a good thing in Biblical terminology, and so it is today. This leads to another aspect of the 70-year period...
Back To 1944 In Order To See The Significance of 2014
1944I was led by the Holy Spirit to look back at 1944 to see the significance of a 70-year period. 1944 began with DNA being discovered by Oswald T. Avery on January 1st. June 6, the Allies initiated the Normandy invasion "D-Day," that, in effect, was a big sign that Hitler would lose. By September, allies were on German soil. (Photo courtesy: Gifted Memories)

In 1944 the CIA was formed, and essentially so was the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the World Bank. 1944 was the year the United Nations was first proposed in a meeting between the USA, the USSR, and Britain. It was also the year that the first automatic, digital computer was made by a Harvard scientist.

As we look at these events, we realize that these were all monumental happenings which all brought world changes that exist to this day. I am not saying all of these events were positive, but they were all history-affecting. The catapulting of 2014 takes us into a similar seam of history where looking back we will one day note what a ground-breaking year it was. This takes us to Psalm 44, and then Isaiah 44.
Psalm 44: A Song of Deliverance
1 We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, the deeds You did in their days, in days of old: 2 You drove out the nations with Your hand, but them you planted; you afflicted the peoples, and cast them out. 3 For they did not gain possession of the land by their own sword, nor did their own arm save them; but it was Your right hand, Your arm, and the light of Your countenance, because You favored them.
4 You are my King, Oh God; command victories for Jacob. 5Through You we will push down our enemies, through Your name we will trample those who rise up against us. 6 For I willnot trust in my bownor shall my sword save me. 7 But You have saved us from our enemies, and have put to shame those who hated us. 8 In God we boast all day long, andpraise Your name foreverSelahPsalm 44:1-8

These verses are, in essence, the chorus of a victory song in a chapter that otherwise sighs for help. In verses 23 and 24 the request is made of the Lord, "Awake! Why do you sleep, O Lord? Arise! Do not cast us off forever. Why do you hide Your face and forget our affliction and our oppression?"
God's favorThese are words to guide and encourage us as we advance into the cultural mountains of society. The focus is on the Lord's sovereign ability to perform the impossible mission. He drives out the "nations," which are representative of those that are wrongfully occupying the mountains of society, and then it is He that "plants" His people in their assigned inheritance. Verse 3 confirms that it is His favor that is more powerful, even over our having a bow or sword to trust in. His favor needs to be our greatest testimony as to why we are being catapulted.
444: Commanded Victories (Psalm 44:4)
Most people who know me well are aware that 444 is a number sequence that the Lord uses in my life to signify His fingerprint on something I need to know He is involved in. I know this is true for others as well. This 2014 look for that number as never before, as I believe that often it will be the Lord telling you that you are about to walk into a "commanded victory" that He has set up for you.

What I love about this verse is that it invites us to see the Lord as King over every other situation, challenge, power, or authority. As we can see Him greater than "the giant" (usually a molehill), then we are able to recognize the commanded victory He has for us.

It is so appropriate that we identify with Jacob in this verse, because we often are so much like his nature. His very name means "heel grabber" or "supplanter," and it basically means "over reaching." In Genesis 27:36 Esau says of Jacob, "Is he not rightly named Jacob? For he has supplanted me these two times. He took away my birthright, and now look, he has taken away my blessing!"
Birthright and blessingA Jacob is always after the Father's birthright and the Father's blessing, and it is a good thing. Papa would rather give either or both of those to someone who values it. To greatly value and receive that which He freely gives us is more important than "earning it." An Esau is always out "hunting" his own kill. A Jacob stays in Father's tent and receives what is freely given. This is not about embracing laziness, but it's about living as a son versus living as an orphan. When you live as a son, your Papa, the King, always has commanded victories for you.
444 Victories
What is fascinating about this word "victories," is that in Hebrew it is the word "Yeshua." First of all, when you do the search for its Hebrew meaning, you will find that it is entry number 3444 inStrong's Concordance. Coincidence, I know. Imagine the significance of this verse when seeing it in the Hebrew language! Command "Yeshua" for the Jacobs! Yeshua is of course the Hebrew name for Jesus, and we see this amazing hidden prophetic message on the redemption and inheritance we would receive through Jesus. Jacob, of course, speaks to natural Israel and to natural Jews, but also to all "seed of Abraham" who are so based on agreement with the faith of Abraham – in other words, Christians.
Abba Father!
The word Yeshua means "salvation, welfare, prosperity, victory," and so in 2014 let's be on the lookout for victories, breakthrough, and prosperity – which we haven't earned, but yet "deserve" as a result of our acknowledged sonship. Some of us may view government entitlements so negatively that we resist going after even our spiritual "entitlements" based on inheritance thinking. A "Jacob" overreaches for his birthright and blessing. You hang out in His tent to steward what He is giving rather than what you are earning. Jacob didn't just remain in the tent at all times, but he refused to leave until he had the birthright and blessing. Let's get that inheritance and blessing before anything else!

Jacob is then the father of Joseph and the father of Judah, as well as the other 10 tribes of Israel. He was immensely fruitful in his lifetime because inheritance was more important than activity. Appropriately enough, Genesis 46:27 tells us that "the house of Jacob who went to Egypt were seventy." There is that 70 number again. Society gets invaded by Jacobs.

                                  Psalm 44:5-8
These verses give us great insight into how we become victorious on the mountains of society: in government, in arts, in education, in economy, in family, in religion, and in media.
1. Through You = the constant reminder of how we have victories.
2. Push down = Hebrew word nagach, which means "to strike with the horn." Many victories will come accompanied by the sound of the shofar. Blowing the shofar for breakthrough is something a "Jacob" will do as he looks for a commanded victory.
3. Trample = your feet have to go where you want the victory. You want to stay in the tent with Papa until you know who you are and what He is giving you – but then your victory will be on "enemy" soil.
God's bow4. Don't trust your bow =trust His bow instead. It is significant that the wordqeshethused here for bow is the same word that is used in Genesis, when God told Noah, "I will put my bow (rainbow) in the sky." As we begin to see Him as this expanded, seven-colored rainbow God, it is this expanded knowledge of Him that becomes our weaponry for shooting down the lies and distortions of the enemy.
5. Nor your sword = have a strength, an edge, or an ability, but trust HIM.
6. But You saved us from our enemies = Hebrew word for enemies, tsar, which comes from root word, "to bind, be narrow, be in distress, be bound, make narrow, be harassed." He is looking to catapult you from your narrow, distressed, harassed place – as you look to Him.
7. Put them to shame = in the Hebrew it basically reads, "Those who hated us You shut their mouths with astonishment." Think demonic resistance more than people when you think of enemies.
8. In God we boast all day long = Halal is the word for boast, and it means "praise, shine, flash forth light, to be brilliant." Here is the great key. Since it is all about Him and from Him and for Him – we must stay in praise of Him and His greatness – ALL DAY LONG. He commands your victories.
9. Praise Your name forever = Yada is another Hebrew word for praise that additionally means "to shoot arrows" and "to throw down." It is the root word for Judah, and we know He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. When we stay in focus and exaltation of Him – as we go out and face the enemy on the mountains – "arrows" are released that "throw down" the enemy.
10. Selah = musical rest that means "silence!" and "think about this." Many people we hear from are wanting sophisticated strategies for advancing into the mountains of society. We do have some helpful guidelines, but we really can't improve on this Psalm 44 directive.
Isaiah 44: Fear Not, Jacob My Servant
WillowTime does not permit us to do an in-depth study of this chapter, but it is a chapter well worth you receiving strength and encouragement from. Particularly the first eight verses, and then verse 23 though the end, are key for this coming 2014. You will be encouraged for yourself as well as for your descendants. Isaiah 44:4 has great promises for your descendants, and the promise that they will "spring up" like "willows" among the grass that quickly withers. There is so much in the "willows" part.
Psalm 67: You Will Govern The Nations On Earth
We have the same time limitation for this chapter, but it is very key for 2014 and speaks of a great God who governs all the nations and Whose face shines upon us. This chapter should be IV'd into our veins for this coming year as it carries the hopes Papa desires for us at this time.
Psalm 111: He Has Given His People The Nations As a Heritage
Waters cover the seaThe ten verses of this chapter are also to be hope fodder for us as we go into 2014. It speaks of the glorious works of the Lord that are to be studied, and this is how we grow in "the knowledge of God" that will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.

44 And 67 Equals 111
For those who don't understand how God works in patterns and sequences that involve numbers, and colors even, you can miss so much. In 2014 pay attention to these three numbers, as they will carry significance and attach meaning to your life and what you are doing. Many of you have been seeing 111 all over the place and it is to draw attention to your assignment through the lens of Psalm 111. Additionally, I have already spoken to you of 444, which is just an extension of the 44. I have highlighted Psalm 44 and 67 and 111 for you, and as you can see, when you add the first two it equals that latter one.

There is also a revisiting of the windows of life of 1944 and 1967 (1944 I have already mentioned). 1967 was another huge year, this one more about a revival called "The Jesus Movement" that hit the hippies and outers of society, and eventually catapulted many new spiritual movements and denominations – Calvary Chapel and The Vineyard being primary. We have winds of 1944 and winds of 1967 that will revisit us in 2014 that all lead into the 111 – which is Psalm 111, but also Isaiah 11:1"There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse..."
Born In '44 Or '67, Or Age 44 or 67?
Mountains to conquerIn the sequencing and playfulness of God (and overall hip and coolness), there will be a special catapulting grace for those born in '44 or '67 and for those who are 44 and 67. It is a grace for all, but He has something special for these. For the ones born in 1944 or who are or will be 67 in 2014, there is such a "spirit of Caleb" thing available for you, where even at age 85 he was still looking for mountains to conquer. It's your choice – the world will tell you to retire and wind down, but the Lord wants you to know that He has your greatest works available for you if you will refire rather than retire. For those 44 or born in 1967, you have been in a restricted place of confinement and refinement and it is your year to sing, sing, sing the songs of joy.
Key Colors and Mountains
The key color of 2014 is blue, and the key mountains of heavenly assault are the mountain of religion and the mountain of education. Blue is the color of the mountain of religion and indigo blue is the color of the mountain of education. Blue is also, representatively, the color of the Holy Spirit, and this What He did in 1967 He will do again, but within the guidelines of the new assignment of the Age of Restoration. He is going to capture a bunch of misfits and rejects and start a whole game-changing movement that will spawn off new church models, movements, and denominations. The next army of radicals will not just be revivalists, they will be reformers. Beginning in Rosh Hashanah, a great angelic army comes to war on behalf of the mountain of education.
Final Words: Unforgiveness, Devouring Words, Insincerity
In closing, let me restate what I listed at the beginning, which are the things that could void you participating in this year's catapulting joys in the way you should. This prophetic word is an invitation to participate, more than a declaration of imposition.
ForgiveRight now unforgiveness (offense holding, bitterness, unreleased judgments) is rampant in the Body of Christ and it must stop. No matter what level of grace message you are being fed and strengthened by at this time, if it does not hold you accountable for refusing to forgive, then it is subgrace. You can believe and declare over yourself all sorts of great things, but they will all be sabotaged if you refuse to forgive. Nobody who truly needs to be forgiven deserves to be forgiven – so if you are waiting for your "prey" to deserve your forgiveness – it is still unforgiveness. If, as you are reading this, a person or situation comes to mind, then radically deal with it now. Sometimes it is appropriate to go to the person, sometimes it is not. Let the Holy Spirit lead how – but release your own destiny by forgiving.(Photo courtesy: Donna Keevers Driver)
Devouring Words?
What do I mean by "devouring words"? It is what actually happens when you give yourself over to negative conversation. Life and death is in the power of the tongue, and you just can not keep speaking out loud words that actually devour your harvest, your inheritance, and your destiny. If you already know that negativity notoriously comes out of your mouth, this is a SELAH year for you. Just be silent. Don't agree with anything destructive that comes from anyone's mouth. If there is a true warning to be aware of, it will come with a built-in hope.

God still has a great destiny for America. This country was given to the world as a gift, and she is not done with her God-given assignment. Stop trying to sabotage it with your presumptive knowledge of God's "holiness." He has been using the highly imperfect from the very beginning and He will for some time. Good news for all of us.
I have been shown that one of the main attributes that the Lord is looking for is simple sincerity. In John 1:47, Jesus praised a man named Nathanael, calling him a man "in whom is no guile."In John 4:23, Jesus talked about the Father looking for "true worshippers." Both of these speak of authentic heart responses that did not carry other subtle motives or agendas.
SincerityThe word sincereitself is said potentially to derive from the practice of ancient pottery making. Sin meanswithout, and ceremeans wax. Often when potters would bake their vessel, cracks would show up that would greatly devalue the vessel or render it of no value. Potters would fill the cracks with wax and paint over it to cover up the defect. If a Corinthian pottery shop had over it "SINCERUS," it meant that the pottery contained no wax and that what you saw is what you were getting. This made the pottery valuable.
The message here is "get rid of the wax." Especially the wax around your heart. You, yourself, are the best judge of your own sincerity. If you are aware that you are not transparently living out of your heart – but rather out of agenda – then do business with God and become a sincere person. It can be difficult in such a tough, cynical, agenda-driven world, but we must become as little children in this way. He wants to give the Kingdom to His children. For 2014 may you take full advantage of what He is making available to us. He really doesn't need you to be perfect, and He just wants you to extend that same grace to others.
Now prepare to be catapulted.

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth


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