Friday, April 11, 2014

A Great Resurgence - Nellie Balandowich

Nellie BalandowichWhen I woke up on the morning April 6, 2014, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me, and I heard Him say the generation that was born before the 1960s is arising...many in that generation who have been asleep or lulled are now awakening to new dreams, visions, and invitations from the Spirit of God!

"This generation has been lulled into mediocrity, and I am breathing My ruach breath on them and bringing them back to life. When the world tells them they are to wind down, ha! I laugh, because I am sending a sound, a frequency, that is awakening them to dreams being born.

"I am awakening a knowledge and a persistence to forge forward and to think further than their natural mind has taken them. There is a knowing being released that with Me all things are possible! This generation is arising to understand and delight in the fear of the Lord and walk in the knowledge and counsel of My Spirit. There is a renewal coming to a generation that thought they were forgotten.

"I say rise up, oh sleeper. Rise up to a new day for you – a new fervency, a new direction. I will restore, and I will refresh, and I will anoint you to dream again; and to not only dream but to live out those dreams. I am the One who empowers you, and I will teach you the way to go and how to get there. It is not the time to give up. It is not the time to say it is over, for I tell you it is just beginning.

Waves of God's Glory by Jennifer Page"Hear the sound of horse hooves. They are coming your way. There is a gathering of a generation that thought it was over, and I am calling you toRISE UP! I am unleashing a renewing of youth, and strength, and purpose, and intent for all who are willing to say, 'YES.'

"Your greatest hour is ahead, and together we are going to partner to bring forth My Bride. All parts of the Body are required. The world has said 'Retire, wind down'; others said, 'You've lived your life,' or, 'You cannot offer anything,' but I say 'NO!'

"You are to awaken to Kingdom purposes and protocol. I am birthing something new in you, and I will not allow a generation to fall asleep, for you were born for such a time as this! For such a time as this you will come forth and you will awaken, and the glory of the latter house will be much greater than the glory of the former house!

"Can you hear the sound? The awakening of a supernatural generation has begun," says the Spirit of God! "It is the sound of RESURGENCE, supernatural resurgence. It has been released! I am calling forth a generation to finish well!"

Nellie Balandowich

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Anonymous said...'s happening in my life, a grace to maturely go where the past is a springboard into a more empowered present & a much more anoited future. Glory to God. Prepare ye the Way of the Lord.