Saturday, April 19, 2014

MLR Flight

 I found this little video of the Moonshine Lunch Run.  Every year for about the last 10, motorcycles from all over the country have descended on the little rural hamburger place of Moonshine, population 2, near Martinsville.  It has been famous in these parts for years, but awhile back CBS did a special on the place entitled something like "In Search of the World's Greatest Hamburger" as I recall.  Since then people from all over the world have visited.  A local man, Terry Hammond, had the idea for this destination ride which has expanded every year.  I heard this year they sold over 3200 hamburgers from 11-1:00.  Fortunately, a local business brings their grill to help in the cooking for this many riders!

     The sound on this videa is rather annoying since it was filmed from a drone so you may want to turn down your sound while watching it.

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