Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cute Eyes' Kittens

     Cute Eyes had her kittens last night.  They have such different markings!  Since she looks like the buff colored one (that is her head in the top of the picture) it is interesting how different the others look.

       I am amazed how much fun it has been having all these kittens when I have never been a cat lover.     
      This litter should be ready for new homes just about the time of the Heritage Days Festival (June 7-8), so I guess we will have to take them there with a 'free kittens' sign if we haven't found homes for them before the festival.
       I will post a picture of the 3 kittens remaining from Milky Way's litter when I can get a good one.  One of them is a fur ball--almost as wide as he is long!  They will be ready for new homes in about 3 weeks.  Two of them have already been spoken for. Good thing because right now we have 10 cats!

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