Thursday, April 10, 2014

Books, Books, and More Books!

     Last week our local library had a huge book sale.  I love books so, of course, I went to the sale and came home with 30--some by authors I had not read, some by authors I was familiar with, a couple of reference books, some spiritual books and several novels.  To me there is nothing more satisfying than to have a good novel waiting in which to lose myself when I have an extra day to relax.  Since there aren't many days like that I don't want to waste it on a bad book, so before I decide to purchase a book I usually check with Amazon on my smartphone to see what kind of reviews the book has.
     Because I was in a confined space and the books were only 25 cents it seemed best to check on the reviews when I got home.  Of the 30 I chose, 27 of them were rated 4 star or better!  That means I have a lot of potentially good books to read!  Of course, just because someone else rated a book 5 star doesn't mean I will like it, but it's a good starting point.
    Since Country Guy has been working on taxes this week I have had several free evenings to read.  Hurray!
    One of the books, Dreams Are For Tomorrow by Agnes Sanford, was a exciting find!  Agnes has been a spiritual mentor to me through her writings. I thought I had read all of her books so when I saw this one I was delighted!  Of course, it was one of the first ones I read this week.
    I also picked up 4 books by Andrew Greeley, who I discovered is a Catholic priest.  I hadn't previously read any of his books but thought I recalled reading a good review of his writings.  This week I read Irish Love and then because I liked it, I read Irish Mist which I didn't think was quite as good, but still enjoyed it.  Many other 'Irish' books are listed so I am glad to know I have lots more to choose from.  I only wish I had begun with the first book, Irish Gold, since the two main characters are married and are central to the theme of each book. (Detective/Mystery genre.)
    I also picked up A Vision Of His Glory by Anne Graham Lotz.  It is a meditation on the Book of Revelation.  I have begun reading it during my devotional time and find it an excellent resource in helping to understand this difficult (to me) book!  I also brought home her book, God's Story, which I am looking forward to reading now that I like this one.
   Other books included in those I brought purchased are:  a 1938 book of Games, a book of American Proverbs, and a manual on using Adobe Photoshop.  I even brought home Sarah Palin's book, Going Rogue, but why not?  Hey! I love Sarah Palin!  She is one of the few leaders who is laying her life and reputation down for the good of the country.  But that's another topic and for another blog.
   As I said, I love books!  Now where to put them all...

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