Sunday, April 6, 2014

How did this happen?

    On Friday when I got home to find two of the kittens missing and the towel from the cat house on which the kittens laid pulled out onto the deck I knew the dog had been back even though I didn't see him this time.
    As I watched, Milky Way came out of the woods, licked the remaining baby a few minutes and then walked off towards the woods checking to see if it was following her.  She then returned from the woods in a few minutes without the kitten.  I walked out to see if I could hear a kitten crying, and then Country Guy searched the woods a couple of times to no avail.
    This morning when he went to feed Milky Way and Cute Eyes (who is also pregnant) the THREE kittens were playing on the deck!  Where have they been?  And why did she bring them back so soon?
Of course, they're getting so big and playful I'm sure it was dfficult to keep them hidden.
    Just 3 more weeks till they can go to new homes!  Hopefully, they will survive that long!  It would help if we could determine where that dog is coming from and do something about it!  I have spent too much time worrying about the safety of these kittens!  And I'm not even a cat lover!

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