Thursday, April 3, 2014

Joyce Meyers' Wisdom

     Recently I came across a Joyce Meyer's program while looking for movies to record.  I lingered at the program a few minutes and overheard her say that "You do not need to have an opinion about things for which you are not responsible." That really hit home!
      How often I find myself thinking about how I would change something or do something differently when the object of my opinion has nothing to do with me!  How much energy I waste on this!
      It seems to be a universal tendency--at least in those I'm around.  Everyone has an opinion about how something was done, or how it should be done, or when, or why, or where, etc. ad nauseum, but it is only an opinion.  We have no intention of doing anything about it, or any authority to do so.  I wish we could all take note of Joyce's wisdom.  Let's not waste time on things for which we have no responsibility.  If we have a strong opinion, then let's look for ways to change the situation--not just talk about it!

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