Friday, April 4, 2014

Excerpt from "America's Most Important Institution"

      Our society no longer remembers (or teaches) that marriage is to be a lifetime commitment.  We have become a very selfish, self-centered society.  It's all about us.  If we aren't happy then we look for something that makes us happy with no concern for how many people we are hurting in the process. Pastor Stephan Nash explains the current mindset--and the solution (life-long commitment) so well in his article "America's Most Important Institution"posted on The Daily Rant .  I have included an excerpt below.  You can read the entire article here.

"As a pastor I have had many couples come to me and simply declare they want a divorce because they “don’t love each other anymore.”  What they are really saying is that they have drifted apart and neither party has done anything to work on their marriage.  They have believed the lie that “love” is a “feeling” and they have lost that “loving feeling” for their spouse.  Since when has love become merely a “feeling?”
We must be reminded that God commanded us to love.  He cannot command us to have certain feelings.  Feelings come and go and travel like a roller coaster through life.  Those warm, gushy, exciting feelings of a newlywed couple must gradually give way to a deeper, life-long commitment that has been tested by disappointments, disillusionment and draught.  As we weather the storms as a couple we will develop a lasting, deep-rooted, loving commitment that will become a trophy of God’s grace and a testimony that will inspire and give hope to onlookers!"

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